• Tarpon, Redfish, Snook, OH MY!

    The mild winter weather here in Southwest Florida has made for some really great fishing to start off the new year!  Some of my favorite places to look at fishing reports would have to be (check out Naples and Everglades City) as well as Florida Sportsman.

    Once you read up on what you’re missing by not being out on the waters these days, make sure to check out the Adventure Packages available at Port of the Islands Everglades Adventure Resort. Whether you are just looking for a one-day tour or overnight accommodations, we can help with both!  Call the resort at 866-348-3509 and we’ll be happy to help!

  • Located in the Western Everglades, Port of the Islands Adventure Resort offers its guests the opportunity to experience this incredible eco system. This is a great video that illustrates the beauty of this unique region and emphasizes the importance of protecting this environment.

  • The National Park Service has reported that professional birding guide Larry Manfredi spotted a rare Cuban Pewee in the Florida Everglades. This would be only the third confirmed sighting of this rare bird in the United States, the first for Everglades National Park. The bird has been seen many times in the past few days and Manfredi hopes that it is here to stay.

    Native to the Bahamas and Cuba, this bird is recognized by a white crescent behind its eye and its distinctive call, described as “dee-dee-dee-dee…” For the complete report, please visit the National Park Service Website.