Easy access to hunting areas and a hunter success rate nearly twice the national average make Florida a great place to hunt ducks. Blinds with natural cane growth are used for cover and their use is rotated so they are not used more than once per week.  There are decoys and chairs for two to four hunters in each blind, and the blinds are located on dry ground within a series of dike systems or on small islands.  Guests are required to have a Florida Hunting License, Florida Duck Stamp, Migratory Bird Permit and Federal Duck Stamp to participate in this expedition, which can be ordered from  Apparel for this hunt should include hip boots, or waders during the colder dates, long sleeve camouflage shirts, pants and hat.  You may also require some form of camouflage rain gear.  You will need a cooler for your birds and don’t forget the bug spray.


$200 per Person for 1/2 Day (for Private land hunts)
$250 per Person for 1/2 Day (for Public water hunts)
$200 per Person for 1/2 Day (for Public water hunts) for Groups of 3 Persons


Regular Season - First Phase:  November 20, 2010 to November 28, 2010
Regular Season - Second Phase:  December 1, 2010 to January 30, 2011.
Youth Waterfowl Hunting - February 5 &6, 2011  (Children under the age of 16, supervised by an adult of 18 years of age or older may hunt.  Adult supervisors are prohibited from hunting.)


Half Day – Saturdays and Sundays


Minimum of 2 Persons Required for the hunt.
Maximum of 3 Persons for the hunt

*All hunting tours occur off site. Locations vary and may be up to 1.5 hours from Port of the Islands Everglades Aventure Resort. *

Bookable by phone only. Please contact our Wilderness Concierge at 239.394.3005 or fill out our contact form below.