The Swamp Walk is a totally different experience than other tours. Typically lasting 3-4 hours, your naturalist guide will lead you through the sloughs and strands of the Everglades.  This is a guided interpretive experience in an area that hosts a wide array of habitats and forest types from the wetter swamps and prairies to the drier islands of tropical hardwood hammocks and pine rock lands. Native royal palms, bald cypress trees and royal palms share the forest with over 30 native orchids and 12 native bromeliad species. It is home of the Florida panther, white-tailed deer, Florida black bears, Everglades minks and river otters.  The resident and migratory bird life is spectacular on its own.  Expect each tour to be different and tailored to the needs and desires of our guests.  Bring old shoes and long pants that you do not mind getting wet or dirty on this immersible experience.

This tour is offered by Everglades Area Tours.