Professionally guided Wild Boar Hunt on open lands.  This hunt includes drinks, ice, one meat hog up to 150 pounds, and taking care of the game harvested.  Harvesting includes skinning and quartering of the animal from which the guest will receive two hams, two shoulders, two tenderloins, two back straps, and two sets of ribs from each hog.  A trophy fee applies to all boars harvested over 200 pounds. The half day hunt lasts approximately four hours in the morning. The full day hunt lasts approximately four hours in the morning, then a hearty provided lunch break, and then four more hours of hunting in the afternoon. Guests can hunt on foot or spot and stalk hunting vehicles (four wheel drive trucks, swamp buggies, or electric 4WD Bad Boy Buggies) are available.  A hunting license is not required on this hunt.  You will need a cooler for transporting your meat home; or a large cooler if you are planning to use your taxidermist.  Regarding firearms, we suggest the use of thirty caliber or larger rifles.  Handgun hunters should use nothing smaller than a 357 magnum.  For our bow hunters, we suggest the use of a bow with a fifty pound draw minimum, and be proficient from ten to thirty yards.  Apparel for this hunt should include full camouflage clothing in a dark green pattern, such as Mossy Oak Full Foliage.  You might require waterproof hiking boots, preferably knee-high, as it is very possible you’ll get into some water.  Clothing should consist of long sleeve shirts, pants and a hat.  You may also require some form of camouflage rain gear.  Taxidermy services are available to handle all aspects of mounting and shipping.  If guests are interested in this service, the taxidermist will consult with the guest on the type of mount desired and the cost of the service.  Hunting with dogs is not permitted.


$375 per Person for 1/2 Day
$750 per Two Persons for Full Day
$300 per Person for Groups of 6 Persons or More
LIMITED non-hunting guests are permitted along the hunt for a fee of $100 per Person.


Available all year round


1/2 Day & Full Day

*All hunting tours occur off site. Locations vary and may be up to 1.5 hours from Port of the Islands Everglades Aventure Resort. *

Bookable by phone only. Please contact our Wilderness Concierge at 239.394.3005 or fill out our contact form below.